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Sayreville CAP - Community Advisory Panel

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Communication between industry and members of the Sayreville Community!

Sayreville Community Advisory Panel History:
From the early 1990s, the chemical industy, through its Responsible Care initiative, has focused on improving performance in environmental, safety, and health areas.  As "Responsible Care" companies, both Dupont and Hercules developed CAPs in the mid 90's to assure regular communications on these issues with the public.  As both groups had similar goals, they agreed to merge to form the Sayreville Community Advisory Panel in the year 2000.

CAP Mission:
In order to improve communications with the residents of the communities in the Borough of Sayreville, Dupont and Hercules have established a Community Advisory Panel (CAP).  The CAP provides a forum to discuss issues of mutual concern and to develop a better understanding of the business and operations of these industries.  The panel provides feedback to these industries as to public concerns and expectations.  This dialog allows the companies to be responsive in these areas.  The panel members work independently of the sponsoring companies, with members serving in a voluntary capacity.

CAP Meetings:
The panel meets approximately 6 times per year to discus subjects of mutual interest or a community concern with representatives from each company.  Outside speakers are occasionally invited to provide additional information.  CAP members develop the agenda based on issues at the respective companies and feedback from the community.  The CAP does not formally approve or disapprove of any action by the sponsoring companies; it provides the community perspective.  Minutes of the meetings are provided to the Borough Council and are available in the Sayreville Public Library.

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